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    Today the world has changed so much that a full-fledged creative product is difficult to create on your own - there are too many factors to take into account. The consumers, whether they are spectators, listeners, or readers, have become very sophisticated and demanding. This requires an innovative artist to join in temporary or permanent creative collectives. They visualize and make something great, or at least interesting.Therefore, the mysterious author NEObell tries to unravel all the encrypted codes in the world. You may imagine that we are talking about the codes to open a safe, but officers of law are assured, safes and their contents will remain absolutely intact. Codes of DNA, too, are not the primary purpose of the creative team, although we will touch upon this theme indirectly. We are interested not in the prosaic codes, but in the mysterious Da Vinci code. The code is ubiquitous in Da Vinci’s work. Dan Brown simply interpreted it to invent his strange, although very lively ideas.
          Apparently, the author had my experience of the mysteries left to mankind by the greatest artist, inventor, and mystic of all time. When taken together, the fragments of impressions of this occasion, the author realized it was an amazing macro-story. For a while you find yourself on the other side of the Da Vinci code. Don't be surprised, but when NEObell transferred to digital image of the Mona Lisa, mysteries depicted all the women in the world, with others, had an adventure that the author failed to turn into a product. After all, we are essentially staring into the looking-glass, into Another World, one which is not bound by terrestrial laws. Because the author had to create the text, where one senses these alien laws and where, almost unbelievably, participates in an alien intelligence. At least for those who want to believe it.

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